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Rhondda Cynon Taf

Nestled in the centre of Southern Wales is perhaps the most famous valley in the world. Once upon a time, the Rhondda Valley produced the coal that powered the world.RoyalMintEdit_14

How times change, the pits and heaps have long gone to be replaced by glorious countryside and great mountain-top views.

There are still reminders of the area's past, not least at the Rhondda Heritage Park, where in the company of an ex miner you embark on an Underground Experience tour. Find out what life was like for the men (and  boys) who worked in the mines.

Up above the valley, the views from the mountain tops are spectacular. There are many walks and routes to follow, not least from the Dare Valley Country Park. Who knows, they might lead to historic sites or hidden waterfalls.

The valley actually stretches all the way up to the Brecon Beacons.  And it is here, in the foothills of the mountains that you will find the tiny village of Penderyn, home to the only whisky distillery in Wales.

They started production here in 2000 and the first bottle was released on St David's Day in 2004. It was the first whisky to be (legally!) produced in Wales since the 19th century. The distillery is situated on a natural spring and it uses this water, to produce the whisky.

The visitor centre opened in 2008 and gives visitors a tour explaining how the distilling process works. Even better, at the end of the tour you get the chance to sample the whisky (or vodka, gin or cream liquor that they also produce).

A major new attraction to the region is The Royal Mint Experience. The mint makes coins and commemorative medals for around 60 different countries throughout the world, making it the leading export mint in the world

The Royal Mint Experience gives members of the public a chance to get behind the scenes and see for themselves the people and processes that put the pounds and pennies in their pockets.

Download the group travel guide for Rhondda Cynon Taf here.

Alternatively, for more information visit the the Discover RCT website.

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Rhondda Cynon TafMixing old with new

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